Palm Rest Mouse Wrist Support Ergonomic


Mouse Wrist Rest Designed with groove fits your hand better; deformation free keyboard pad, stands still while typing, relaxing and comfortable use such as home, office, cybercafe, etc.


If you spend your workday operating a desktop computer, your hands and wrists are engaging in repetitive tasks – I.e. typing and operating the mouse – that could potentially overstretch your hands and fingers while also straining your wrists. This overstretching is about more than just discomfort; it leads to Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), which are common in today’s workforce. That’s where a good ergonomic Mouse Wrist support comes into play.

The Ergonomic wrist rest works by keeping your wrist elevated in order to relax your hands. Move it behind your mouse or behind your keyboard, depending on how you want to use this pad. With your hands relaxed, typing will be much more relaxed and natural.

Product Video

Product Video

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